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Hollywood Walk of Fame

PHILIP AHN’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is located at 6207 Hollywood Boulevard (north).

The star was dedicated November 14, 1984. Ahn was cited for his role in China Sky (RKO, 1945).



The Other Phil Ahn

The estimable Internet Movie Database (http://us.imdb.com) is a treasure trove of information about films and filmmakers. But if you ask it for Philip Ahn’s filmography, you'll be told that he is sometimes credited as Philson Ahn. Don't believe it.

Philson Ahn was Philip Ahn’s younger brother and had a brief film career, mostly in the late 1930s, before deciding to study engineering. Perhaps his most often seen performances were as Prince Tallen in the twelve-episode serial Buck Rogers with Larry (Buster) Crabbe. His other screen appearances included small roles in The Good Earth (1937), Disputed Passage (1939), Panama Patrol (1939), Barricade (1939), and Island of Lost Men (1939). Perhaps the confusion arises because Philip also appeared in these same films. Philson Ahn died in May 2001.

Ralph Ahn, the youngest of the three brothers, is also a film and television actor. He appeared in a least one film with Philip, Confessions of an Opium Eater (1962). You can check his other credits in the Internet Movie Database.

Bury That One

Some published lists of Philip Ahn’s credits include Billy Wilder’s 1943 film, Five Graves to Cairo. This is evidently a mistake resulting from a confusing similarity of names. The part in Five Graves was actually played by Philip Ahlm (1905–1954), a Swedish-born actor whose film career consisted of ten uncredited parts, according to the Internet Movie Database. It’s a good film, nevertheless, and well worth watching

Pearls of Wisdom, Dignity Department

Adventures of Smilin’ Jack, Episode 8

Wu Tan (Philip Ahn):        If dignity would permit, I should be 
                            tempted to help them in their effort 
                            to save us.

Mah Ling (Cyril Delevanti): There are times when dignity is a
                            doubtful virtue.


Immutable Laws of the Universe, Part 1

Tex Rides with the Boy Scouts (1937)


Sing Fong (Philip Ahn): Hello, you come for laundlee?
Stubby (Horace Murphy): Yeah, sure. Is it ready?
Sing Fong:              Sure. . . . You catchem tickee?
Stubby:                 Yeah, sure. . . . Gosh, I guess I must have lost it.
Sing Fong:              No tickee, no washee.
Stubby:                 But, doggone it. . . . I gotta have that shirt.
Sing Fong:              All samee. No tickee, no washee, no shirtee. 
                        You bling tickee, you catchem washee.

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