Thank You, Mr. Moto

Twentieth Century-Fox
black & white
68 min.

Directed by Norman Foster

Produced by Sol M. Wurtzel

Written by Willis Cooper and Norman Foster

Cinematography by Virgil Miller

Musical direction by Samuel Kaylin

Art decoration by Bernard Hertzbrun and Albert Hogsett

Film editing by Irene Morra and Nick DeMaggio

Costumes by Herschel

In this film based on the J. P. Marquand character Mr. Moto, Philip Ahn (Prince Chung) is one of the last surviving members of a Chinese clan possessing a series of scrolls that reveal the hiding place of Genghis Kahn's treasure. In the top photo, Ahn and Peter Lorre (Mr. Moto) flank Pauline Frederick (Madame Chung). In the lower photo, Lorre and Thomas Beck (Tom Nelson) come to Ahn's rescue after thieves have taken the scrolls.


  Peter Lorre Mr. Moto
  Thomas Beck Tom Nelson
  Pauline Frederick Madame Chung
  Jayne Regan Eleanor Joyce
  Sidney Blackmer Eric Koerger
  Sig Rumann Colonel Tchernov
  John Carradine Pieriera
  William von Brincken Schneider
  Nedda Harrigan Madame Tchernov
  Philip Ahn Prince Chung

John Bleifer

  James Leong Officer